Getting started with zero waste

Getting started with zero waste can seem overwhelming. You’re supposed to go from like buying whatever you want to not getting anything that might involve putting something in the bin?! But that’s not really how it works (most of the time…). It takes little steps. Every journey begins somewhere, and the journey to zero waste is no different. To be honest, if I’d done it all in one go, I probably would have given up. So have patience, start small and be kind to yourself.

Here are some ideas to kick off with:

  1. Reusable takeaway cup – It can feel a bit weird at first to hand a cup over when you order a takeaway drink, but it just becomes normal so quickly. I’ve had so many positive experiences with it. I always get a smile or a “good on you!” sort of comment. I love my Joco cup! Some people find the lid a bit tricky, its silicone so it doesn’t ‘click’ on, it just slides right onto the glass. There are a million different brands out there though so you can find whatever tickles your pickle.


2. Reusable shopping bags – It’s crazy how many shopping bags we used to use for the groceries. Feeding a family of four means getting like 35872689 bags full every week. Or so it seems. Just by taking my own bags, it has saved so many plastic bags from landfill. Did you know that most of them don’t get recycled? I didn’t. So it doesn’t really make sense why they’re still being produced. Anyway… this is another super easy one to get started with and it feels great, because straight away with the first shop, you can see the difference you’re making. Buy some that you like (preferably ethically sourced or made with recycled materials). Or better yet, have a look around the house, you might even already have some.

3. Reusable water bottle – Buying bottled water costs a bomb. Plus its usually in a plastic bottle and its usually no cleaner or better than tap water. And it doesn’t come from the beautiful mountain range pictured on the label. Don’t believe me? Watch The Story of Bottled Water. It goes for 8 minutes and its totally worth it. There’s a lot of nice glass water bottles out there but you’ll probably find you won’t need to go out and spend $50 on one. A jar from the pantry does the trick just as good (make sure it seals properly though). My mason jar comes with me everywhere and it’s 1L so I know how much I’m having throughout the day.

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